Maribor Development Agency, the lead partner of project INTRA (programme Interreg Europe) proposed changes to the OP for implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in East Slovenia. As the result, the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia prepared the Internationalisation vouchers.

CEO of Hemptouch, Marko Sladič:

“Personal contacts are very important for a company like ours, as online campaigns are often blocked by the algorithms. Thanks to the voucher, it was easier for us to participate at international forums, where we established new business contacts.”

Hemptouch is a cosmetics company that produces various skin care products, hair care products and similar, based on hemp. It is a very sustainable resource and provides excellent care for your body. Our ancestors used hemp to make rope, clothing and other practical items. In 21st century hemp has seen a renaissance, due to its numerous positive properties. It is popular due to its simple cultivation, versatile use, and the plant's organic components, as well as, of course, the important and unbelievable beneficial effects it has on our skin and bodies. Their quality and dedication to sustainable business has convinced many customers abroad to try and support their products. However, in order to convince them, they first need to reach them. 

In 2019 Hemptouch applied for a voucher for participation at international forums in the worth of 1.110 EUR. As it is of curtail importance for the company to present their cosmetics, sustainable approach to production and overall vision and story of their SME at events, each incentive is very welcome. It was through such promotion that they started exporting to new markets such as Japan, along with the markets they have already covered (UK, USA and Germany).