Maribor Development Agency, the lead partner of project INTRA (programme Interreg Europe) proposed changes to the OP for implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in East Slovenia. As the result, the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia prepared the Internationalisation vouchers.

Sara Lampert, Head of Marting at TROIA, told us that attending events abroad alone, does not guarantee a successful outcome, however, the costs are there. So, the company always considers the benefits over the costs. Vouchers are an additional stimulation for the company to attend such events abroad.


As we have become the first European company to ever receive the Maximo World Award, we can safely say the vouchers also helped us become internationally recognised, which is always good for doing business.

Troia d.o.o. is an IT company that specializes in asset management solutions as well as developing their own augmented reality platform for industry and focuses more and more on the foreign markets.

In order to reach foreign markets, it is very important to attend various events held abroad. The vouchers help companies reduce the final cost of participation at such events, therefore it is easier for them to apply. In the past, Troia had outside help, to apply for the vouchers, but then decided to hire that same external expert, who became part of the team. In 2019 they have received the 1.590,00 EUR of support through a voucher for participation at international forums.

This way they continue to successfully apply for vouchers and that enables them to look for and apply to even more events than they would have done otherwise.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused a great disturbance on the global market and affected many companies. Troai is no exception.

However, the company was able to overcome the initial problems and was able to self-organize to work from home and have small teams that also kept boosting the morale.

In the future, changes are inevitable and the field of IT will require even more attention. Companies like Troia will keep making new and strengthen existing business contacts in the virtual reality, as face-to-face meetings have been drastically reduced and international travel has been severely limited.