On March 15th 2016 a two day study visit will begin in Maribor, hosted by the lead partner of the INTRA project.

Within these two days a total of 24 cases of good practices will be presented.

The event will begin with a press conference, with the representative of the Ministry of Economy and Technological Development, DG Tourism and Internationalisation, mag. Polona Jerina, Head of Division for internationalization and foreign direct investment, mag. Ana Božičnik, Senior Officer, to open the morning session, followed by 21 cases to be presented day 1 in the following order:

GP#1: Slovenia`s Economic Diplomacy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for economic and public diplomacy, Department for Bilateral Economic Cooperation, mag. Franc But, Ambassador

GP#2: Export Credit and Investments InsuranceGP#3: Financial Services for Exporters, GP#4: Funding of foreign subsidiariesGP#5: Analysis and information services for exporters - SID Bank, Mr. Roman Rojc, Executive Director 

GP#6: Equity financing in the form of seed and venture capital – Slovene Enterprise Fund, mag. Andreja Črnčič, Adviser for EU and international cooperation 

GP#7: Trade finance products – NLB BANK, Ms. Polona Žižmund, Deputy General Manager 

GP#8: Export Window, GP#9: Business partnerships, GP#10: ITM, GP#11: Fairs, GP#12: Slovenian business clubs, GP#13: Market research, GP#14: New measures, GP#15: Individual fairs – SPIRIT, Ms. Alenka Hren, Project manager 

Case study (add GP#12): Slovene American Business Association, Cleveland, Mr Jurček Žmauc, President 

Case study (add GP#13): Tiko Pro d.o.o., Ms.Tjaša Kovačič Milošič, CFO 

GP#16 – Internationalisation Services - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska, Ms. Mojca Tominšek, Senior Expert 

GP#17 – Cross-border services – Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Business Maribor, Ms. Leonida Polajner, Director  

GP#18 – GoGlobal Slovenia – Tovarna podjemov, Mr. Jure Verhovnik, Head of the University Incubator 

GP#19 – IPR Services for internationalisation - TehnoCenter (University Maribor), dr. Anton Habjanič, director 

GP#20 – Services for internationalisation - Styrian Technology Park, mag. Matjaž Fras, Project manager 

GP#21 – Slovenian EEN Consortium and Internationalisation – Mr. Vladimir Rudl, Head of Unit 

On the second day, additional cases will be presented in-situ at the location of the companies: Krebe-Tippo d.o.o.IOS d.o.o. and Geberit Slovenia that are exporting to the third markets and made use of services provided by the public sector.