Interregional thematic workshop - The core of the project INTRA represents the internationalisation policies in participating regions. In order to gain the common understanding on the policies tackled by the project and enhance the knowledge transfer between the partners and the external experts the Interregional Thematic Workshop will be organised. The focus of the workshop will be on the three sub-themes defined for the Interregional Task Force (ITF): 1. Leadership, organisation and management of internationalisation policies; 2. Training, human resources needed for internationalisation; and 3. Financial resources for internationalisation. This way, the workshop not only will help the partnership to have a more in depth understanding of the policies tackled by the project, but it will provide a valuable input for the ITF.

Study visit No 2 - The 2nd Study Visit under INTRA project will be held in Extremadura (Spain). During the event all project partners will learn about different good practices for internationalisation of SMEs. The Study Visit will start with a presentation of Mr. Antonio Ruiz Romero, General Secretariat of Economy and Commerce of the Regional Government of Extremadura, and Mr. Miguel Bernal Carrión, General Director of Extremadura AVANTE. They will make a general overview of the regional policy for internationalisation of SMEs. Afterwards, several instruments will be presented for a more detailed analysis. Moreover, an SME that provides outsourcing export services will present its experience. Finally, we will visit two SMEs as good examples of a successful internationalisation strategy.

2nd Interregional Task Force Meeting - After the conclusion of the study visit, the Interregional Task Force Meeting will be held. During the meeting the 1st report on GPs from Varna will be presented. Also a first evaluation of the good practices seen during the study visit in Extremadura will be done. The purpose of the meeting will be to highlight all lessons learned and exchange different points of view.

2nd Steering Committee Meeting - Project partners of INTRA project will gather at the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting, where current issues and topics will be discussed and clarified. Project partners will present and discuss strategic issues, achievements of the planned results, objectives, outputs and approve the elaborated guidelines, rules and templates. A discussion and overview of the tasks for the third semester will be held.