On 20-21 June, an Interreg team visited the city of Córdoba in Spain to shoot a video reportage documenting the measures that the city has been implementing toward the sustainable management of waste. Spearheaded by Interreg Interreg Intherwaste lead partner SADECO, these efforts have consisted of creative ways to engage the population over the years in order to garner support for and acceptance of such efforts.

The Interreg filming crew had the opportunity to meet with different stakeholders that have participated in these efforts. Among them were SADECO personnel, the staff and students at various schools, a representative of the hospitality sector and the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in the city, which is hosted in an old building that poses specific challenges related to waste management.

Below are some photos and videos taken during the visit. More information, including the official reportage, will follow shortly.

SADECO staff showcases the company's waste compactor prototype

A school teacher from the Mediterráneo school prepares to talk about the institution's composting programme

A representative of the hospitality sector talks about the measures to manage waste sustainably in local restaurants

A nice touch by the gracious hosts of one of the interviews, restaurant Casa Pepe de la Juderia.

The management of Albolafia school talking about the different projects in which the school is involved. Among them is the painted containers (see below). 

The painted containers project saw schoolchildren take part in rehabilitating recycling containers by painting over wear and tear marks to make them more aesthetically pleasing.