To wrap up the first phase of the project and communicate to interested stakeholders about its results to date, INTHERWASTE's advisory partner ACR+ has coordinated the publication of a second and last brochure about the project. In a concise, but appealing format, the document summarises, for each project partner, the progress made in managing waste more sustain ably in their localities and the good practices that have been exchanged over the course of the last three years.

The 12-page document is comprised of two main sections. Following a brief, one-page introduction about the project, it elaborates on the waste management situation and challenges in each of the five participating cities — Cordoba, Ibiza, Krakow, Porto and Tallinn, as well as their action plans for stage 2 of INTHERWASTE. In the same section, advisory partner ACR+ discusses its role in the project and the links with other projects in which it is involved.

The second section elaborates on five of the best practices that the project partners have undertaken thus far in order to illustrate the types of activities that have constituted the scope of the technical exchanges conducted in phase 1. 

You can access and download the virtual edition of the brochure here.