October marks the beginning of semester 6 in the INTHERWASTE project’s life, the final semester of phase 1, ending in March 2019.

The projects partners are now set to meet in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 7th and 8th of November, to work jointly on the development of their Action Plans. Each of the five partner municipalities will develop their own Action Plan, which will be implemented in the next phase of the project.  

In the coming weeks the last Bilateral Meetings for transfer of experiences between partners will also be held, as well as the final Stakeholders Groups Meetings, with a view to encourage involvement with Action Plans’ design and implementation from a variety of stakeholders. Other events still to be held this semester include the final Organisational Learning Workshops, aiming to share the project knowledge inside the partner organisations. Partner cities will also organise the remaining Targeted Communication Events, focusing on engaging local stakeholders.

A number of publications and outputs are also set to be produced and disseminated over the next months. These include:
•    The most successful INTHERWASTE Good Practices, which will be uploaded and shared through the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform
•    The second Brochure developing on INTHERWASTE results
•    An INTHERWASTE Handbook of 50 Good Practices for Waste Management in Urban Heritage Areas
•    Comparative Analysis of Waste Management in the INTHERWASTE partner cities of Cordoba, Ibiza, Krakow, Porto and Tallinn.