1st Partner Meeting (3rd Steering Group Meeting), which was planned to be held in Burgos, Spain was organized and occurred online on the 15th of April. In this difficult time, due to the COVID-19 crisis there was no possibility to hold a personal meeting.

Despite the situation, the online meeting was engaging and intense. All the Project Partners were shared their progress of the regional situation analyse. Also Leader Partner overviewed the thematic activities in Semester 2 and Partners from Lithuania, Klaipeda ID team presented the upcoming communication tasks.

Afterwards, the Project Partners were participated in the Knowledge Exchange Workshop. At the beggining of workshop they presented the existing regional problems and gaps.

Later on each region shared their Good practices. The presented Good practices list as follows:

Pécs and Baranya County Industrial Development Programme, Hungary

Call for Internationalization Line 2019, Italy

Science and Business experience, Poland

Creative accelerators for sustainable tourism (CAST), Spain

Financial support for SMEs, Lithuania

Overall, each region were combined in groups and had a group meetings where they discussed the Project Partners presented experiences and how it can be adapted to their region.

All the meeting, especially the Knowledge Exchanging Workshop, were very practical and effective for all the Project Partners.