In order to reach the goals of INTER VENTURES all partners have to involve regional stakeholders. The methodology was thoroughly discussed during online training which was held 6th of November 2019.

Such main points were discussed:

1. What is the aim of stakeholders involvement in this project?

 - Gain knowledge and learn good practices from other regions;  

- Give advice on policy change;

- To elaborate the Action Plan. 

2. 7 key steps

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7
Engagement objectiveMap of stakeholdersDevelopment of engagement planImplementation of engagement plan Assessment of engagement process Respond to engagement resultMeasure and report progress 

3. Who should be the stakeholders?

- Government

- SMEs

- Community

4. How to approach the stakeholders?

Monitor – Message – Advocate – Consult – Collaborate – Innovate 

The way to approach differs regarding the level of influence and the level of interest of the stakeholders.

Full methodology has already been prepared by advisory partner Association of European Border Regions. The methodology can be found in the library: