On the 02nd July 2020 the Centro de Estudio Ambientales (CEA) hosted a webinar detailing three very important Urban Regeneration projects currently underway in the Basque Country. The focus of the presentations is on the community engagement aspects of the projects, which are neceesary to ensure each project is a success. 

In the first presentation Alberto Ortiz de Elgea of Visesa (Basque Government Public Housing Corporation)  outlines the extensive community engagement techniques and practices the company has engaged in to ensure that the Coronacion district deep energy retrofitting project  in Vitoria Gasteiz is a success. The project is part of the SmartEnCity project (https://smartencity.eu/)

In the second presentation  Joserra López (from EVE, the Basque Energy Agency) speaks about other experiences in the Basque Country (this time dealing with the creation of neighborhood offices to act as one-stop-shops to provide advice and support to the neighborhood regarding urban regeneration projects in the OPENGELA project (http://opengela.eus/en).

In the third and final presentation Olatz Nicolas (from Tecnalia’s Building Techologies division) describes how buildings in Vitoria-Gasteiz are selected through aggregation to drive investments in energy efficiency retrofitting of private residential buildings, by means of developing and deploying innovative mechanisms to trigger demand and aggregation, better governance and tailored financial solutions in the frame of the AGREE project (https://agree-basquecountry.eu/en/ ) 

You can view the recording of the presentations in the "online webinars" section of the library:  https://www.interregeurope.eu/intensify/library/

You can view Alberto Ortiz de Elgea's presentation here: www.interregeurope.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/tx_tevprojects/library/file_1594565640.pdf