The Intensify project team are delighted to welcome ENERGAP, the energy manager for fifteen municipalities including Maribor, the second biggest Municipality in Slovenia to the Intensify project.

Energap is a public Energy Agency with over fourteen years experience in regional renewable and energy efficiency policy development and has participated in more than 20 European Union low carbon energy projects. Energap doubles as a sustainable energy expert point and energy education centre for the region. The agency works with boty the public and private sector to mobilze and engage them to the sue of clean energy. These community engagement activities will ensure that Energap make a positive contribution to the project. 

The Energap teamENERGAP provides information, advice and training on energy management issues; supports the implementation of local and regional strategic energy plans; executes energy audits of public and private buildings; raises awareness on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility issues and searches for energy-management incentive funds at national and international level. ENERGAP can give wide-ranging advice on all aspects of energy, as well as technical assistance in the design of energy projects, heritage and infrastructure and provision of public information on these topics. 

ENERGAP actively contributes to the interregional learning process, knowledge and experience exchange. As an expert body it analyses actions and measures in the regions. 

Energap replaces the Municipality of Trnava on the project.