Cork City Council will soon begin installation works of an energy and environmental monitoring measuring and reporting (EEMMR) system in a number of apartments that will receive deep energy efficiency retrofitting measures later this year. The measures to be installed will include external wall insulation, Solar PV panels, Heat pumps, triple  glazed windows and fuel stoves.

The EEMMR will measure external environmental factors outside and inside the homes including temperature, air pressure, wind speed, chill factor and humidity. The energy parameters to be meaqsured include gas consumption and electricity consumption. Electricity consumed by lighting circuits, socket circuits, cooking and heating will also be measured. An audit on the performance the deep energy retrofitting measures will be commissioned next year.

The project is sponsored by Irelands Department of Housing and Ireland's Southern Assembly, who commissioned the works on behalf of the Interreg Europe EMPOWER project. The EMPOWER projects aims to highlight the benefits of the Deep Energy Efficiency Retrofitting works in terms of energy costs, energy consumption, lower carbon footprint and quality of life of the residents. The website for the Empower project is here: .

Cork City Council is a significant stakeholder in the Empower project. It engaged with the community on behalf of the EMPOWER partner (The Southern Assembly) to increase awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gases and to select suitable properties for the EEMMR project.