The project management team for the Interreg Europe Intensify project held their fourth meeting in Trnava, Slovakia today.

During the meeting progress on many aspects of the project were discussed including budgets and plans. The success of the study visits in semester was discussed and proposals for study visits in semester four were finalised. The relevance of the study visits to the Import Workshops to commence in Semester 5 was outlined by the joint secretariat. Partners were very inspired by the study visit contents thus far. Of particular note was the success of electric vehicle use in Milton Keynes, The digital social platform (PLAC) set up by Almada, the Energy Performance Integrated Contract (EPIC) awarded by Provincia Treviso, the University College Cork green campus project and the the LOCATIONS (LOw CArbon Transport In Cruise DestinatION citieS) project in Zadar were considered to be of particular relevance in terms of engaging with communities to reduce their carbon footprint.

The requirements for and the design of a suitable digital social platform (DSP) was given some consideration.

The organisation of the import workshops in Semester was discussed as was the requirement to influence the regional action plan. The work done in relation to improving the regional action plans by the Interreg Empower project was shared with the attendees.

Overall attendees recognised the progress made to date and acknowledged the work that needed to be completed in semester 4.