The faculty of mass communication at the University of Ss Cyril and Methodius, Trnava in Slovakia is proud of its students. In early March 2019 the university hosted a hackathon named ECOINNO GAME JAM overseen by faculty lecturer Alexandra Alfoldiová. The objective was to examine hackathons as a possible source of creativity in order to adequately communicate environmental concerns to participants.  The hackathon had 16 participants split into five random teams. The result was the creation of five games for testing covering four different ecological areas.

Alexandra outlined these games to participants in the fourth thematic event of the Interreg Europe Intensify project. 

Econauts is an action type PC game on the theme of fossil fuel replacement, pollution and the use of alternative fuels. It was created by Dalibar Bartos, Matej Vrzgula and Alexander Berner.

Forestia is an arcade type social game designed for mobile platforms on the theme of reafforestation. It was created by Kevin Andok, Adam Kysler, Stanislava Balázová and Patrik Dlholucky.

GeoCleaner is a location based puzzle simulator type of game on the theme of enhancing the environment. It was created by Ondrej Krumlovsky and Lenka Krivicková.

TrashCo is a social type of location based puzzle built for a mobile platform focusing on the theme of waste recycling. It was created by Nikolas Staník, Peter Págác and Juraj Konecny. 

Wall T is a virtual reality type of social game also on the theme of recycling. It was created by Lenka Nogová, Samuel Michelko, Tomás Fusko and Bence Berta. 

Alexandra informed participants that the following conclusion could be drawn from the hackathon:

1. Game genre and genre ;processing are unique for each game

2. it can be easy to misunderstand and/or misinterpret the theme

3. some games are very superficial e.g. the waste separation game

4. games can be presentable and demonstrated within 48 hours of the start time