With 20 years of professional experience focused in the area of Information Systems applied to the Environment sector, Theo Fernandes is a Specialist in consultancy and coordination of projects of institutional information Systems for public entities. Theo has a particular focus in the areas of water resources management, Data Management and Monitoring in the area of Environment and Functional Analysis. Theo has held the role of  Chief Attitude Office of Chimp.pt for the last 12 years, where he has conceived new approaches for the digital engagement of stakeholdersin the environmental area.

Since 2003 Theo has been a guest lecturer  at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology in the New University of Lisbon. Theo has been involved in the course of Information Systems as Decision Support in the Masters of Engineering and Water Management.  He has also been involved in courses ranging from Hydraulics, Hydrology, Water Management and Geographic Information Technologies. 

Theo insights into the benefits of using digital social platforms to intensify community engagement for the purposes of increasing awareness to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is widely anticipated.