The inaugural meeting of the Trnava Intensify project regional stakeholder group took place in the offcies of the Trnava Energy Agency. After brief introductions by the participants Ing. Matus Skvarka introduced the Intensify project to those present. Matus outlined the aims and objectives of the project, the partial objectives and the different phases of the project. Key to Matus's presentation was the role to be played by Trnava and its stakeholders in terms of the projects implementation.

The second part of Matus's presentation focused on energy issues in Trnava and Slovakia in general. The group had a general discussion about the role the Intensify project could play in reducing the carbon footprint of the Trnava city and region.

A number of interesting proposals emerged from these discussions - education at schools, building of a new forest park to act as a carbon sink, construction of an automatic car parking house, driver education on eco-driving and the modernisation of transport distribution systems.

At the end of the meeting Matus presented the Intensify project vision of creating an informal association of stakeholders who will meet regularly to ensure the right steps are taken to make the Intensify project a success.

Stakeholders present at the meeting were:

Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave, Alena Hrusková,

STEFE Trnava, s.r.o. Josef Demovic,

ESM-YZAMER, energetetické sluzby a monitoring s.r.o, Emil Izakovic,

Veolia Energia, Slovensko, a.s., Ivan Martinka

Arriva Trnava, a.s., Peter Pyskaty

Úrad Trnavského, samosprávneho kraja, Gabriel Bajazík

Mesto Trnava, Zuzana Kráhovicová

Mesto Trnava, Tomás Gunis