At the recent Intensify Project thematic event held in Dessau Germany,  participants heard from experts about the challenges and opportunities that communities and individuals face when they seek finance for their carbon reduction targets projects. The main challenge is the cost of introducing significant carbon reduction technologies. On the other side there are a myriad of government supports available for most projects. The workshops focused on what can be done to incentivise communities to invest in carbon reduction technologies. The event was opened by Dr. Benno Hain of the German Federal Environment Agency (Energy section). Dr. Hain outlined German plans and progress towards delivering its commitment to the Paris Accord.  The federal environment building which hosted the thematic event being typical of the government efforts to build buildings with a positive energy disposition. The second presentation was given by Skype by Dr. Daan Creuptelandt of RESCOOP. Daan traced the development of RESCOOP from a small community based initiative to a pan European organisation that promotes and supports renewable energy projects throughout Europe. More information on RESCOOP is available at their website: Mr. Joao Cleto of Ageneal, the energy agency for the Portuguese city of Almada gave a summary of the excellent work being done by Ageneal to promote carbon reduction amongst the citizens of their cities. More information is available at The final presentation was given by Rita Marouco from the Portuguese renewable energy Coopernico. Rita outlined how the company has developed from modest beginnings, its links with the RESCCOOP organisation and how it seeks out communities and financing initiatives that enable communities to install renewable energy technologies. More information on COOPERNICO is available on their website

All participants knowledge of financial instruments was enhanced by the presentations given by the guests and the workshops that ensued. The participants offer a sincere thank you to the presenters for giving of their time to share their experiences with the Intensify project partners and their stakeholders.

There are many challenges to be overcome in order to intensify carbon reduction through community engagement. The availability of financial instruments and incentives should help to ease that burden.