Cycling has many environmental benefits for the community as it is one of the simplest ways to lower carbon footprint, help with urban congestion, lower emission levels and improve the mobility in cities. As cities move towards more sustainable alternatives in transport, there has been a major increase in cycling across the Dublin region and an increase demand for local authorities to develop sufficient cycling infrastructure.

In response to the increased demand, Dublin City Council’s Smart Docklands partnered with See.Sense to engage communities to share powerful data insights to improve cycling conditions across the region. The project was part of a wider EU project, SynchroniCity, designed to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in cities, while dealing with privacy concerns and producing more sustainable solutions.

Throughout the summer of 2019, 800 volunteers across Dublin, Antwerp, and Barcelona took part this innovative smart cycling projects, collectively crowdsourcing valuable data about their day-to-day experiences as cyclists. In Dublin, 200 cyclists received a See.Sense ACE bicycle light containing a sensor that collected information about occurrence of near miss incidents, road surface quality, and the most frequently used cycling routes.

The data-driven participation from the community provided city planners important insights to understanding cyclists’ experiences with matters such as cycling speeds and road surfaces that will ultimately improve cycling infrastructure.


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