As the year approaches the winter season, this short video effectively reminds Irish households the importance of having a standard Building Energy Rating (BER) to prevent heat loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has released a YouTube video showing Irish homeowners the importance of having the Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate. The BER certificate indicates the rate performance of a building or a house in terms of its energy efficiency.  It is generally recommended to have a B2 rating to improve the energy performance of a house which will have a knock-on effect in reducing energy bills. A warmer home through a sustainable energy system will reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions it produces. 

Many Irish homes are currently still on the lower end of the rating system and performs poorly in comparison to homes that are up to building standards. The Government of Ireland has released the Climate Action Plan which sets the national target of upgrading 500,000 homes to a B2 rating or better by 2030.  

Energy efficiency solutions for the home may take effect in installing smart heating controls, switching from fossil fuels to a renewable energy system to generate energy, and installing solar PV or solar thermal water heating. 

As the importance of a low-carbon future takes hold across the nation, a BER certificate is mandatory for all homes offered for sale in Ireland. 


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