RED WoLF (Rethinking Electricity Distribution Without Load Following) is hosting an online event titled How Rethinking Electricity Distribution in homes will help to reduce Carbon Emissions on Tuesday, 27th of October, 2020. The webinar will discuss the RED WoLF project and present the significant developments from key partners. 

The RED WoLF project addresses the North-West Europe housing emissions which produce 300 million tonnes of CO2 annually, and presents an energy efficient solution to fighting climate change within the region. In order to reach the EU goals of sustainable growth and carbon reduction, RED WoLF aims to increase the usage of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions for homes with PhotoVoltaics without gas connection (PVHs).   

According to the official website, “RED WoLF Pilots will consist of 6 sets of either new-build or renovated PVHs…in the United Kingdom, France and Ireland”. The project estimates the 100 Pilot PVHs will reduce CO2 emissions by 215 tonnes annually. 

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