This will be Corks third regional stakeholder meeting. Participants will receive a summary of the main outcomes and learnings from the first three thematic events. These events focused on targetting communities, motivating communities, and the use of financial incentives to motivate communities.

The main objective of the Intensify project is to increase (by 25% by 2022) public awareness of the essential role of citizens in achieving higher levels of carbon reduction. The key messages are (1) social platforms intensify motivation and (b) our actions matter, together we will achieve more.

In order to measure the increase in awareness it is necessary to establish a baseline of what levels of awareness are there at present.  In order to establish the baseline, ECAT the projects advisory partners based in Lithuania, have devised a draft questionnaire that will be completed by citizens in each of the partner regions. This questionnaire will be reviewed at the meeting and recommendations for improvement will be forwarded to ECAT for inclusion in the project.