Hack the Crisis Finland is an online hackathon organised on 20-22 March by local companies, startups and tech communities, supported by the Finnish government. This is a call to action to each and everyone to participate in the fight and it is inspired by the southern neighbors from Estonia, who started the movement with their Hack the Crisis.

There were 3 different challande categories:

  1. Save lives - Healthcare officials together with the whole medical industry are racing against the virus, trying to find new and better solutions to response to the virus. What could they do next? Or could there be another, indirect solution to help individuals stay safe?
  2. Save communities - Different communities are struggling to keep their operations and communications running now that physical distancing is the new normal. How could the communities improve their online communication and promote social solidarity? Maybe a new way to host online activities? 
  3. Save businesses - COVID-19 is impacting the Finnish businesses hard. Harder than anything else in a long time. Companies find themselves struggling financially and many may have to lay off people. What kind of new revenue streams can businesses create on a tight schedule? What about the solutions to ensure that the aftermath of all of this goes smoothly? 

The top 15 project were showcased and the winner was announced in a final lifestream on 22th March.  

TOP 5 teams:  

  • EpidemiAI
  • COVID-19 Scenario Planner
  • Safe Zone
  • Save Restaurants
  • Kauko App 

All projects can be found here.