What is a good practice and how can we collect the success stories to learn about them? Where we are now and where we are going in e-health? These topics are in the main focus of the 1st phase in our INTENCIVE project. The partners from five regions are working on to find the best practices in the topic e-health based on the Guide provided by the Interreg Europe Program.


Each project partner together with the local stakeholder group indentifies 10 good practices. After collecting the good practices each region writes up a summary report with short descriptions of the good practices in English. Summary reports can be used in the state of the art report.


The Bikva-model will be used in the project as a tool to be used in evaluating the best of the good practice with the real-life customers and end-users in the partner regions and how to use it as a tool when preparing the action plans with regard the customer and end-user perspective. The model, a summary report and instructions for the use of Bikva in the project will be ready by end of March 2020 in Semester 2.


Each region conducts assessment of the good practices by using the Bikva-model. Based on the assessment 4-5 GP are chosen per region. Those 4-5 GP are to be presented among others during the study visits. Detailed descriptions and analyses including the end-user evaluations will be compiled to the final evaluation reports and shared with all partners by end of September 2020 in Semester 3.


Parallel with the GP selection process the state of the art report in terms of e-health technologies will be compiling with the leading of IDIVAL and contribution of the partners. The report is based on the existing research, statistics, strategies and policy documents relevant to the approach of the project and will be ready by the end of the January 2020.