The first study visit of the project Inside Out EU got together more than 20 people from 7 regions in Karlstad (Sweden). During the meeting (27th and 28th September), stakeholders and partnership had the opportunity to know the internationalisation support policies carried out in Värmland with a special focus on the Academy for Smart Specialisation.

The Academy for Smart Specialisation is a project lead by Karlstad University, advisory partner in the project Inside Out EU. Inside Out EU project aims to foster internationalisation by means of entering the virtuous triangle internationalisation – innovation – collaboration. The Academy constitutes a useful example of how to deal with the challenges of this triangle.

In the afternoon of the first study visit day, different projects and organisation in Värmland gave presentations on how they promote internationalisation and competitiveness for SMEs through their ERDF support.

The study visit included also presentation by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, very related to companies’ internationalisation, and by the Innovation Park. Also some regional SMEs with international experience described their experience.