The Stakeholder meeting took place in two sessions. Firstly, representatives of individual regional units of the Savinjska region gathered at the morning session in Velenje, to whom the Managing Director of RASR presented the content of the InnovaSPA project, the partnership, the financial framework and the objectives that the partnership of eight countries intends to realize in the next three years.

The afternoon part was held at the premises of the Development Agency of the Savinjska region, where representatives of various organizations were present, with whom RASR will cooperate at the local level. The meeting began with the presentation of the project, followed by an extensive analysis of the current situation in the Savinjska region. Topics from tourism, health and balneology were discussed. 

Within the project, 5 topics were defined, on which the partnership of eight countries will focus during the project. In order to define the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and dangers of each of these five themes, the representatives of the organisations participated in the SWOT analysis, which helped us to get to know the real state of preventative health and thermalism in Savinjska region.

As far as the results, ideas and the discussion have shown, the possibilities for progress in thermalism in Savinjska region are enormous. We are taking a positive step on the path of an innovative project, because we believe that nature has already given us a lot, from the beautiful environment in which the seven thermal spas of Savinjska region can be found, to quality thermal water, which enables each of the spas in our region its specific methods and possibilities of treatment.

We aim at learning from the good practices of our partners during the course of the project, and are hoping that the acquired knowledge will help improve the current situation.