Malta Enterprise has recently presented Local Action Plan to the Minister for the Economy, Investments and Small Businesses and various top officials of this Ministry. Proposals included in the Action Plan were remarked as a complementary to the government’s current efforts for a national economic strategy for the further development of the local start-up ecosystem. Hence, Malta Enterprise's action plan for start-ups will be coordinated through a foundation that is to be registered in the coming days.

What has been included in the Action Plan? All matters fell within three strategic areas - infrastructure, incentives and capacity building. Through the research carried out, 100 actions grouped under 35 objectives have been identified.


Outcomes of the research have been translated into nine key actions which aim to:

  • the creation of a national strategy,
  • making key information available and accessible,
  • increasing financial and non-financial assistance to startups,
  • improving physical infrastructure,
  • building capacity,
  • and increasing local and international visibility of the ecosystem.

During the presentation of the Action Plan, Malta Enterprise also explained how best practices, ideas, and experiences from Innova Foster have supported various initiatives to support start-ups set up, grow and consolidate their business. These include a host of support measures aimed as facilitating business start-ups such as B-start, Startup Finance and Startup Advance, as well as events such as the Startup Café.

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