The Slovenian ABC Accelerator was chosen the best accelerator in the region by Central European Startup Awards committee.


With offices in Silicon Valley and Slovenia, the ABC Accelerator have crafted a unique global ecosystem of and for entrepreneurs. They empower startups with knowledge, tools and include them in the ABC’s global network of greatest entrepreneurs and investors. ABC’s team focusses to scale up the startup’s business and devotes itself to gain the best possible results with them. Twice a year they run an award-winning 3 month acceleration program and help 8-12 selected startups or scaleups achieve their big business goals. The 8th batch of startups in the following year will start in January and the deadline for applications is Dec 7th.

Ever since its establishment in 2015, the ABC-accelerator has always been focused on integrating into various startup ecosystems and consolidating its role as a link between them. Thanks to cross-border acceleration, global expansion and a strong network of investors, it has become the first choice for startups from the region seeking investment, optimizing business and preparing for rapid growth. "The difference from other corporate accelerators, such as Siemens, Philips and various banks looking for young businesses that need help with organization, business links and financing, is that more companies with a similar goal are involved in our accelerator, "Says Aljoša Domijan, Founder and CEO of EnaA and co-founder of the ABC accelerator.

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