Below are the most important project events that took place in passing year

The Innova Foster project began with a kick off meeting in Barcelona.
•    Partners introduced themselves and discussed roles and tasks in the project.
•    The ecosystem of startups in Barcelona was presented

The first study visit in Tartu
•    The local environment supporting entrepreneurship and new technologies  was presented.
•    Dynamically developing ICT ecosystem, which focuses on venture capital and foreign companies.
•    2 business incubators: SPARK and Tartu Center for Creative Industries and 1 accelerator dedicated  to the IoT industry and hardware - BuildIt.

The second study visit in Malta
•    Introduction of a relatively small startups ecosystem in Malta.
•    Participants addressed the matter of support for clusters in emerging industries driven by innovation.
•    Malta Life Sciences Park and Maltese startups that successfully operate on the market were shown.

The Innova Foster team had the opportunity to visit Ptuj.
•    Support program for startups – “Startup: Ptuj” which is part of the public initiative Startup: Slovenia. The entire program is implemented in the GeekHouse incubator.
•    The best-known and largest Slovenian startup is GoOpti. This Startup is a carrier that has secured a competitive advantage through the use of a mobile application and transport optimization, which is a strong competition for public transport.

Study visit in Cork. The visit gave the opportunity to the project partners to find out which organizations and how they support Cork's economic development. These include:
-Local Enterprise Office,
-Enterprise Ireland,
-Tyndall National Institute,
-University College Cork and the Cork Institute of Technology.

We would like to thank all partners and interested parties for their valuable work and support! Study visits provide a lot of inspiration for taking action in partner regions!

Next year we will face new challenges related to the organisation of study visits in Toruń, Oldham and Madrid as well as the development of regional action plans supporting the development of startups.