How could we leverage startups' growth through their engagement into innovation at local or regional level?

Startups build their business off some technology, process, business model, or other innovation that will give them a significant competitive advantage as compared to existing companies.

There is a broad consensus that new, innovative enterprises play a vital role in determining how dynamic a region's or city’s innovation will be. Start-ups reinvigorate the business community, increase competition for innovation, introduce new products, services, and business models, create new markets and offer innovative solutions to emerging problems.

When it comes to agility, startups have an edge over large corporations. The combination of entrepreneurial activity with corporate ability seems like a perfect match, but can be elusive to achieve. Some models already exist (see annexed file), but our challenge today is to connect both worlds with greater speed and agility.
The question is:

How could we leverage startups' growth through their engagement into innovation at local or regional level?

We are looking for innovative ideas to make startups the innovation providers of corporations and public sector in Europe.

New ideas come from everywhere and we are looking forward to your ones HERE


We want to identify solutions for our challenge by gathering ideas spontaneously contributed by the community. There is no restriction to your ideas’ generation and communication. Feel free to suggest and share your most divergent thoughts.You can share as many ideas as you want.

We need ideas that we can understand and put into context. The more detailed and argued your idea is, the easiest it will be to advance to the next phase.


  Welcome to South Summit 2017!
South Summit
is the leading startup event from the South. During South Summit 2017, a workshop will be organized to talk about our challenge. The three more promising ideas will be invited to participate and will also be invited for free to assist to all South Summit keynote talks and debates with worldwide innovation leaders.

  Pitch your idea in Ireland to all Innova Foster partners!

In November 2017, Innova Foster’s partners, coming from seven different countries in Europe, will meet in Cork (Ireland) to learn about the Irish startups&innovation ecosystem and discuss how to improve the growth of startups. If your idea is the winner one, you will be invited to pitch it and participate in all meetings and workshops.