Each partner organises a working group with local stakeholders and prepares the report  about regional situation of the startups, their needs,  innovation ecosystem and answer the question what should be done to improve the policy dedicated to startups.

 1.  Local diagnosis from Estonia -  Tartu the city of smart enterprenurship

Estonia has made a name for itself for the innovative application of communications technology, where stateof-the-art technologies are a way of life. Tartu has always been a trendsetter when it comes to ICT developments – talented minds and ambitious entrepreneurs have led to a rapidly growing ICT ecosystem which has attracted the attention of venture capitalists as well as foreign ICT companies.

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2. Local diagnosis from Slovenia

The partners of the project Innova Foster defined that the aim of every local diagnosis at Innova Foster is to identify strengths and weaknesses at national, regional or local level. PP4 Scientific research centre Bistra Ptuj (Bistra) is focused on Podravje region, which is one of 12 statistical regions in Slovenia, located in less developed cohesion region of East Slovenia.

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3. Local diagnosis from Ireland

Ireland has transitioned a ten year period of significant economic change. As a small open economy, Ireland is exposed to fluctuations in the global economy; requiring us, as a small island on the edge of Europe, to adapt and respond with strategies that are fit for purpose and continue to advance our national economy.

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