In the framework of the Action Plan against Covid-19, IVACE has assembled a first  Committee of Experts, whose objective is to establish a plan to carry out a series of analyzes of companies linked to business clusters, in order to determine their potential for survival in unfavourable economic scenarios, and detecting their innovative potential to face such scenarios. 

This committee contributes its knowledge and experiences to determine the  functionalities of the new analysis tool that IVACE, in collaboration with business clusters and technology centers, is developing. 

This project is presented as an opportunity to dynamize a proactive work network  between companies, clusters and technology centers, the results of which can range from innovative future projects to the creation of collaboration networks between entities.  The Committee of Experts is in charge of participating in the design phase of the tool's specifications, defining the sections of the questionnaire, the weighting of the sections and other relevant points of view that may increase the value of the tool. 

In this session, working groups have been created to study the different sections of the company (of different sectors). In the coming weeks, they will complete the questionnaire and its application and analysis methodology. IVACE expects the actual pilot to start in the last week of June.