There were 9 participants altogether attending the fourth local stakeholders' group meeting organised in Slovenia. The meeting using a slightly different model (digital) counted with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy and SID Bank, all relevant institutions managing ERDF funds and thus having an overview of the financial instruments, their implementation, statistics as well as information about future financial perspective 2021-2027.

Based on the proposed agenda, the main discussion  topics included:

  1. Report from the exchange of experience (Italy).
  2. Report from attending the PODIM event (Slovenia; the biggest start-up and FI regional event).
  3. Presentation of the second policy booklet and potential cooperation in the third policy booklet.
  4. Discussion about the Slovenian action plan.

The stakeholders reiterated that these meetings are useful because of the information exchange and flow. In addition, they suggested having a meeting or two more, especially before the organisation of the exchange of experience in Slovenia.  As a result of the discussion and presentations, the following sum up can be done:

  1. Stakeholders are informed about what we discussed in both days of the Exchange of Experience in Italy.
  2. They reiterated the interest and willingness to help to organize the Exchange of Experience that will take place from 14 to 17 September 2020 in Slovenia
  3. SID Bank has launched a new financial instrument, i. e. portfolio guarantees.