On May 31, the first Local Stakeholder Group Meeting planned by ARRSA was held with representatives of the Marshal Office of Silesia Voivodeship with the aim of presenting the Innova-FI project to the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Program of Silesia Voivodeship.

As part of the Innova-FI project, a regional action plan will be created to improve the quality and availability of innovative financial instruments for entrepreneurs. During the meeting, it was established that the resulting document could become a recommendation for the Managing Authority (MA) during the preparation of the financial instruments scheme in the regional operational program for the next financial perspective 2021 - 2027. 

Patrycja Węgrzyn, representing ARRSA during the meeting, discussed the current state of play of financial instruments in the region, as well as presented the results of the projects so far, such as the case study of the use of financial instruments in other countries and the conclusions from the interregional learnings held so far. Representatives of the MA of ROP for Silesia Voivodeship were also invited to participate in the next meeting, which will take place in the upcoming month in Vilnius.  

The database tool ‘Financing Innovation’ to evaluate regions and for collecting data on financial instruments in the region (and created for the purposes of the project) was also presented. The collected data, conclusions and comparisons formulated at the partnership level will also be presented to the team dealing with financial instruments under the of ROP for Silesia Voivodeship.