Innova-FI Italian partner, Friuli Innovazione, organized its first meeting with the local stakeholders on March 6th 2019. Representatives of the regional managing authority, business angels’ networks, chambers of commerce, university and business support organizations have been gathered at the same table to discuss financial instruments in support of innovation.

The meeting began with the keynote speeches of the Managing Director of Friuli Innovazione and of the Head of the Central Direction of Productive Activities of Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Both speeches underlined the importance of public-private cooperation to find the most effective solutions to tackle the needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The aim of this first local stakeholder group meeting was to present the project Innova-FI, its approach, its objectives and the role of the local stakeholders within the project. Moreover, this meeting has been the occasion to disseminate the knowledge developed during the Exchanges of Experiences held in Brussels and Lisbon. Accordingly, knowledge acquired through peer learning with partners and during the study visits have been shared with the stakeholders. In this occasion, the regional managing authority presented the proposal to set up a guarantee fund for investments in venture capital. This part of the meeting triggered an intensive discussion as several participants shared interesting insights on the topic.

The meeting has been concluded with a presentation of the next steps envisaged by the project for the year 2019. This first meeting represented a fruitful chance of networking for the invited stakeholders and the starting point for a successful cooperation among them within the Innova-FI framework.