As previously, it was attended by representatives of ministries or financial instruments implementing bodies: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Ministry of Finance, and SID Bank.

During the meeting, past and future activities relating to the project were presented by the GODC, in particular the report from the exchange of experience organized by Poland and a summary of meetings with partners.

The stakeholders discussed approaches to the next exchange of experience and seeking participation that will enhance the event, regardless of whether it will take place in person or online. The announcement of the dates for the upcoming exchange of experience is eagerly expected and plans to contribute are in progress.

The participants agreed that the content presented must include measures to support businesses impacted by the pandemic and plans to achieve a green, digital and circular future. All participants presented their proposals and contributed by exchanging views and agreeing that this subject should also be included in the Action Plan, which is in its final stage of revision before it is submitted. The participants also discussed other issues arising from the pandemic, such as a lack of opportunities to present the project. It was agreed that future opportunities should be sought and that the next meeting shall take place in the near future.