The South-East Regional Development Agency (SERDA) having the strategic role in regional development policy programming and implementation foster the sustainable mobility development at regional level.

Starting with January 2017, in synergy with INNOTRANS project, SERDA is implementing a Danube Programme funded project – Transdanube.Pearls – “Network for Sustainable Mobility along the Danube” aiming to establish sustainable mobility solutions and tourist services that rely on the use of eco-friendly means of transport such as trains, busses, ships or bikes. For this purpose, a network of destinations (“Transdanube.Pearls”) committed to sustainable mobility in tourism will be developed, with the goal to improve sustainable mobility to, within and between these destinations, aiming to reduce the need for private car transport. This will create a unique selling proposition for the participating destinations, increase the attractiveness of the whole Danube region and above all, reduce the negative impact on the environment. The project “Transdanube.Pearls” is bringing together a strong partnership consortium, composed of 15 financing project partners and 24 associated strategic partners, including ministries, regional and national development agencies, cities, regions, NGOs, non-profit organisations and tourism/transport associations. The Kick-Off Conference took place in Belgrade on 1st of March 2017 back to back with a workshop of “THE PEP Partnership on Cycling”.

A local level workshop was organized by SE RDA on 28th of March 2017, in Tulcea city, South-East Development Region of Romania in the framework of Transdanube.Pearls project. About 30 participants, relevant stakeholders in the field of sustainable mobility attended the local meeting: representatives of the local public administration, research institutes, operators in transport, NGOs acting in the field of sustainable mobility etc. The event aimed to raise awareness on Transdanube.Pearls project and its estimated impact at regional level as well as to present good practices in the field of mobility networks at transnational level. Moreover, the workshop focused on the strategic role of the green transport systems in the urban and rural area of the Danube Delta, the sustainable mobility theme within the strategic documents (Local Action Plan in the field of Urban Mobility, Integrated Sustainable Development Strategy of Danube Delta), Eurovelo 6 connectivity in Tulcea County.

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