Polo INOLTRA is a virtuous example of Stakeholder aggregation in the framework of European Funding. INOLTRA is the acronym for INnovation for Organization of Logistics and TRAnsport and the Pole gives the idea of a center of “gravity” that attracts and favours innovation, as it is a Cluster of over 70 Italian companies territorially based in Abruzzo Region.

The Consortium was created in 2014 and is part of the Platform for innovation in Abruzzo Region and its main specific objective is to support the creation of a regional network to foster the creation of a system of connectivity, interconnection and interoperability, internal and external to the subjects of the Pole, with an added value for all local businesses.

The good practice feature is related to the added value of the Pole in looking for solution under European Union funding opportunities: some Projects and have been relevant in the area and as pilot initiatives for the territorial innovation.

For example, “ARALD-Augmented Reality Applications in Logistic Domain” was the first attempt to develop a multidevice model to support the main operational fields of logistics processes and maintenance operations on trolleys through the integration of an augmented reality environment and a specific hardware (Glass). This solution builds upon the augmented reality as a computer graphic science that helps object recognition and supports simplification of operational activities. Such technologies can implement what is commonly used in warehouse, production and maintenance activities alongside the classic traceability tools to support the different phases of logistic process.

Another example is [email protected], which can be considered a step forward in ticketing, not because it brings in the e-ticketing system, nowadays state-of-the-art technology in transport, but most of all for the added value of having private and public partners involved in the experimental system.

This is the aggregation factor: the Pole of attraction under the guidance of Emanuela Di Luca, has a recent history of ups-and-downs, given also the economic crisis that pervades all sectors where small and medium enterprises are involved in Italy, but it represents a good practice which Innotrans Project wants to enhance and promote in order to make the best of innovation in transport with a bottom up approach and a solid methodology, granted by the presence in the Consortium of Universities and Research Centers.

 For further info: www.poloinoltra.it/en