Transport Innovation Framework Report (TIFR)

All INNOTRANS project partners are now working on the Transport Innovation Framework Report which will reveal the innovation capacity in transport sector in the partners regions. The report will summarise drivers for transport innovation and barriers, too. The document will be ready by the summer of 2018.

Transport Innovation Framework Report is a common document of the INNOTRANS project partners which contains information available at local level in the field of innovation capacity in transport sector. Using the same approach by all project partners, it will integrate the findings from the partner regions in a consolidated version providing an overall image on the status of innovation capacity in transport sector in the involved regions.

It will analyse:

• RTDI Transport infrastructure

• Transport related clusters

• Innovation and support programmes for transport related services and products

• Transport Technology Support programmes

• and other fields

An overview of main stakeholders involved in the innovation chain will be given. That includes: municipalities, shipyards, clusters, public transport companies from all the transport fields, technology universities, research companies, etc.

The report will also reveal the barriers to transport innovation – ex. lack of financial sources, gaps in transport innovation financing, difficult collaboration with the public authorities, non-collaboration between universities, research centres and enterprises.

Last but not least it will come up with drivers for transport innovation.