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INNOTRANS Project Study Visit to Galati


Attended by stakeholders coming from different context - universities,...

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Micro mobility


Why will micro mobility industry make the future?

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Solving Future Transport Issues in Coventry


Coventry (UK) has become a testbed for innovation in transport

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OK!Thess – a pre-incubator for future businesses


AUTh has shortlisted a number of good practices identified in the Region of...

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The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Buzau town


To tackle mobility issues systematically, many cities write up a Sustainable...

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The EU is slowly driving towards cleaner cars


INNOTRANS project brings the debate on clean transport on its website

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Cars look to pick up speed, for data, not driving


Speed has always been important for the automotive business. But cars have been...

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Parking is a catalyst for urban mobility innovation


Polis network organised a meeting on parking innovation on 13 September 2018 in...

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Autonomous vehicles - boon or burden?


Cities across Europe are taking steps to become increasingly car free.

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Future of freight transport? EV and autonomous


The evolution of transportation affects also freight transport

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Future scenarios of mobility in Abruzzo Region


The evolutionary trends of mobility must be articulated according to the demand...

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The state of the art of mobility in Abruzzo Region


General information about INNOTRANS project partner ̶ Abruzzo Region

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