Mobility makes the city - A complete mobility ecosystem supporting innovation is a major factor that contributes to the attractiveness of global cities. Cities need to support and not quell the mobility revolution. Here comes the Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit.

There will be more than 220 exhibitors to show the latest mobility solutions. Visitors can test some of the autonomous or electric vehicles that will be on display on one of 4 test tracks. Some of top speakers include: Markus Villig, Founder & CEO, Taxify, who at the age of 19 began the daunting tas of taking on Uber with his ride-sharing app Taxify. 4 years and 5 million customers later, Markus will be speaking about becoming a European Mobility Unicorn - only the 2nd ever, after BlaBlaCar. Other speakers are Alexandre Droulers, General Manager of New Mobility Western Europe, Uber,  Doug Kaufman, CEO of Transloc  and Anne Mellano, Founder, Bestmile. 

There will be the 20 most promising mobility start-ups in the Funding The Movement program, in partnership with InMotion (Jaguar), (Porsche), Alliance Ventures (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi), RATP, and Urban US.

And the visitors can step inside an actual autonomous air taxi with Volocopter, the star of the salon.

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Is there any better example of transport innovation?