A transnational thematic meeting was organized by COMPETE 2020 Managing Authority in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2019 focusing on the issue “Definition of I4.0 public policy initiatives“.

The Inno Provement project is based on seven thematic issues which are explored by the eight project partners through intense international experience exchange in the first project phase. Two thematic issues in the topics of “The Effectiveness of Public Money Used to Support Industrial Research and Development under the I4.0” and “Introducing I4.0 to traditional industries” were elaborated and presented by their host partners already in Czech Republic and Finland.  

During the third transnational meeting in Lisbon in November 2019 representatives and invited stakeholders of the project partners discussed about existing public policy initiatives in the partnering countries, like strategies, platforms, umbrella programmes, project and calls for proposals focusing on Industry 4.0. The partners also discussed how these initiatives could be improved or a new one implemented based on the experience gained within the project.

The participants also had the opportunity to spend a day in Marinha Grande, at CENTIFME Technological Center for Mouldmaking, Special Tooling and Plastic Industries. At the meeting, representatives of clusters and companies from Portugal and the invited stakeholders from the partner countries could exchange experience and best practices on applying Industry 4.0 technologies.

As the Inno Provement partner organizations are managing authorities and intermediary bodies, the conclusions and experiences will be useful during the improvement of relevant policy instruments in the future.