The local stakeholder groups of each and every project partner are key actors to make the Interreg Europe project successfull. In the case of Inno Provement it is even more crucial because all of the partners are from the government sector and every partner is a Managing Authority or an Intermediary body at the region or the country. This situation has a lot of benefits like we are closer to the policy instruments and we are the ones who can really influence it. So on one hand this situation of the partnership is an advance but from the other hand it is also a challenge to distribute the achievements of the project to all interested organization. That is the reason why the stakeholder groups are so important for this project to accomplish our task.

We are proud to say that each and every region have set up their stakeholder groups with the cooperation of universities, other ministries, development agencies, clusters and of course businesses to reach the most comprehensive result as we can with this project.

The 2nd Hungarian stakeholder group meeting was organized in the building of the Ministry of Finance on 23 May 2019. The Ministry of Finance as the lead partner of the project and the ICT Association of Hungary as the project’s advisory partner invited different actors of the digitalization world in Hungary to the group. Our stakeholder group includes the following organizations:

- Ministry of Innovation and Technology

- Programme of Modern Businesses, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

- College of ICT, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

- Industry 4.0 Technology Centre, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

- Pannon Business Network Association

- Innoskart ICT Cluster

- NOHAC North Hungarian Automotive Cluster

- Pannon Wood and Furniture Industry Accredited Innovation Cluster

- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sopron

- IQ Kecskemét Ltd, (Active member of the Industry 4.0 Technology Platform, innovation cenre)

- Vesz-Mont 2000 Ltd.

Representatives of the members of the stakeholder group arrived to the building of the Ministry to present their organization and their connection to the Industry 4.0. The Ministry of Finance presented the Inno Provement project and highlighted those questions in which we would like to involve our stakeholders. Our aim with these meetings is to disseminate the results of the project and also to give the floor to all members from time to time in the following 2,5 year to listen to their goals on the way of digitalization. This time IQ Kecskemét Ltd. got the floor for a longer session to introduce their work. It was interesting to see how easy and cheap solutions can solve big questions and brings more results and profit for companies. We are really looking forward to the next meeting where we can share the outcome of the Finnish meeting with our stakeholders and we can hear another success story from another member.