The event was unique from many points of view. Italy was particularly hit hard by the pandemic, still the project partner was trying to find ways to organize the regular stakeholder meeting. As no other options were possible, they went online for the first time.

Interestingly the subject of the project (Industry 4.0) offered links on how industries can handle the pandemic and in fact these linkages were discussed during the meeting. The representatives from businesses, universities and trade associations area discussed over the subject “4.0 during Covid-19: A boost for digital transformation”, presenting proposals and experiences to answer the questions asked by the Marche Region.

First Anna Torelli (Marche Region) introduced the theme, then Piera Magnatti (technical assistance) started leading the meeting. Professor Fabio Menghini (Marche Polytechnic University) opened the discussion with a very interesting analysis on the current economic situation, highlighting the need to improve the digital transformation in order to maintain competitiveness. All the participants got excitedly involved in the conversation and shared their points of view. The representatives from the Marche universities described how the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus gave them a chance to develop new research fields. The trade association representatives described how much previous investments in Industry 4.0 and digital innovation positively helped to address the emergency. The companies who invested in Industry 4.0 found themselves ready, more than others, to address this emergency, by transforming a situation of necessity in a strength point.

Antonio Secchi (Marche Region) closed the meeting by collecting all the thoughts from the participants and highlighting the necessity for a new paradigm in present calls for proposal and incentive instruments, to meet the Industry 4.0 requirements, but also the necessity to maintain and strengthen those instruments that proved their efficiency.