On 5th June Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) held its first regional stakeholder meeting for project INNO INFRA SHARE. The meeting took place in “SKOLA6” – a co-working space in Cēsis town. Participants represented Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and Riga Technical University Cēsis Affiliate, as well as two research institutes operating in Vidzeme region – Institute for Environmental Solutions and Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics.

 Stakeholders were introduced with the INNO INFRA SHARE project and its consortium. We talked about the planned project results and defined our cooperation strategy to reach them. The first steps are already ongoing and stakeholders were asked for their input in mapping of the Research and Innovation (R&I) infrastructures in the region. The involvement of stakeholders is crucial to get a complete picture of the available R&I infrastructures and the possibilities for its use in the region.

Two of the stakeholders – Managing Director of Institute for Environmental Solutions and Rector of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences will participate in the upcoming INNO INFRA SHARE study visit to the Netherlands and Belgium.