Project News

Future exploration: Brainport 2038


Two local learning workshops and a local stakeholder meeting have taken place in...

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Tackling university-industry cooperation in Tartu


Tartu City Government organised a Learning workshop in the example of packaging...

Type: Project

Peer review meetings result in common action ideas


Last peer review meetings between partners have provided important insights into...

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Good practices of accessibility of RIIs in Europe


20 good practices have been identified in the project that address solutions to...

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Second stakeholder meeting in Tartu


On 14th of February, the Tartu City Government (Estonia) held its local...

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Research & innovation challenges in Vidzeme region


During the 2nd stakeholder group meeting in Vidzeme Planning Region (LAT)...

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Czech stakeholders meet for the 2nd time


On the 13th December Brno University of Technology organised its second...

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First steps to shaping local Action Plans


Project partners have made the first steps to shape their local Action Plans...

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How to improve RTO performances and access?


Stakeholders of Emilia-Romagna region gathered for the Learning workshop in...

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Regional stakeholder meeting in Brainport Eindhoven


On the 29th of June a regional stakeholder meeting of the INNO INFRA SHARE...

Type: Project

European partners learn about R&I infrastructures


Partners visited The Netherlands and Belgium to see successful experiences in...

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Regional stakeholder meeting held in Tartu


In May Tartu City Government (Estonia) held its first regional stakeholder...

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