Following the INNO INFRA SHARE project Final conference where Ger van den Kerkhof from Flanders Make (Belgium) introduced Make Lab – a mobile Industry 4.0 demonstration infrastructure, stakeholders from Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) have expressed their interest in learning more about Make Lab experience developing cooperation with industry and sustainable RII business models.

On November 13, 2020, an online training session will be organized for representatives of the Institute of Environmental Solutions and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences to gain insight into the services of Make Lab and its business model for cooperation with companies.

The specific topics of interest are:

  • Cooperation formats between R&D and industry and public sector organizations;
  • Accessibility of RII (lab space, equipment, specialists) for industries - business and revenue models;
  • Involvement of the industry in the research projects and research validation
  • Financial sustainability models of privately funded RIIs - the possibilities to develop and sustain state of the art open RII, with limited public funding;
  • Industry client segmentation of Flanders Make (large/ small companies, start-ups);
  • Shared RIIs – the enabling and limiting factors for the sustainable long term operation and business model.

Event is on invitation only.