Cover photo: Tina Stafrén

The Risk and Crisis Research Centre of the Mid Sweden University is one of the leading parties for the research and innovation infrastructure in the region Middle Norrland. The research centre of the university has an important role for regional development. 

The Risk and Crisis Research Centre develops and communicates knowledge about risk, crisis and security.  'There is a big interest to use our virtual lab which stimulate, in VR, all types of societal crisis such as forest fires, police actions, terrorism and pandemic situations' says Associate Professor Erna Danielsson. The research centre is an asset to the regional development and to the university as well as for all Swedish community-critical services.  

Associate Professor Erna Danielsson of the Risk and Crisis Research Centre of Mid Sweden University

European funded projects
The centre and it researchers participate in several European research projects and believe the European Regional Development Fund has been essential to build the infrastructure. One current project about research and innovation just ends in 2020. These kind of projects will help the researchers to be an attractive partner in new funded projects, such as Horizon Europe.

Regional analysis of the innovation infrastructure
InnoHEIs partner Mid Sweden University interviews the leaders of the research and innovation infrastructure in the region of Middle Norrland. In the future there will be more interviews with the research centers at Mid Sweden University as well as other private and public actors who play an important role in the research and innovation infrastructure, such as organisations with testbeds or living labs. This will contribute to the regional analysis of the project which will be used for sharing knowledge with the partner regions collaborating in the InnoHEIs project to develop better policy on innovation and research in European regions.

Photo: Tina Stafrén

Situation in the Risk and Crisis Research Centre