InnoHEIs partner Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is leading the way to agile utilization of research and innovation infrastructures with TAMK FieldLab in Finland. 

Manufacturing industry faces several challenges during the upcoming years in Finland. These challenges touch upon both big companies and especially SMEs which need to deal for example with the digital transformation, need for updating and upgrading of skills and competences of competent workforce, and speeding up of innovation processes.

One of the cornerstones in responding to these issues is a more efficient and agile utilization of research and innovation infrastructures existing in the ecosystem. These topics were vividly discussed among the prominent experts representing business, academia and education, and public sector participating in the first regional stakeholder group meeting of the InnoHEIs project. The meeting was held in January in Tampere.  

Tampere University of Applied Sciences provides learning and testing environments available for SMEs in the region. The newest one, TAMK FieldLab, is a testbed and a capability creation center for Industry 4.0 environment. The official inauguration of the FieldLab was in December 2019.

The event was very inspirational and strengthened our vision of further developing our facilities and capabilities into right direction, says Principal Lecturer Mika Ijas from TAMK’s Industrial Technology Degree Program. – In the future we will efficiently utilize the Field Lab environment both in education and in RDI projects, our aim is to bring it closer to local manufacturing industry stakeholders.  

'TAMK FieldLab is part of our strategy for maximizing the impact of future research, development, and innovation in the field of Industry 4.0' says Hanna-Greta Puurtinen from Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Research and Development Infrastructure. 'We listen with interest the experiences of other universities’ industrial partners relating to the Industry 4.0 and are open to all collaboration that enables us to strengthen our skills.'