Lithuanian business beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, heads of associated business organizations, municipality and administrative staff, university lecturers and a large group of engineering students have gathered in Šiauliai Business Incubator to discuss the prospects and potential of business and science collaboration.

The event, organised by Lithuanian Innovation Centre in cooperation with Šiauliai Business Incubator, has focused mainly on the benefits of the collaboration on start-ups and young companies.

The first part of the event has highlighted the start-up friendly infrastructure in Lithuania, emphasising the role of existing Science Valleys, and Science & Technology Parks. Lithuanian has already reached satisfactory results in the field of research, study and technological development, commercialization of scientific results, technology transfer, applicable financial instruments, and creation of new knowledge-intensive entities, but there is always a place for improvement, especially in the fast-moving world of today.

In the second part of the event the possibilities of science and business collaboration were demonstrated in practice. Start-ups that started their activities at Šiauliai Business Incubator have exchanged good practices and valuable experience with the audience in terms of collaboration between science and business and the benefits they have received from it.

The event has been highly successful, as it has attracted rather big attention among local businesses and authorities eager to push their region forward and increase its competitiveness in the long run.