The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB’s) first stakeholder meeting on InnoHEIs took place on 9 January 2020 at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the university.

The university’s authorities and several experts from the higher education institutions (HEIs) ecosystem of Catalonia were present. They were represented by relevant members of six universities. Next to that the managing authority of the instrument addressed in the project, the Government of Catalonia, attended the stakeholder meeting.

These stakeholders discussed about the need to improve the attractiveness of higher education institutions and their spaces and infrastructures for companies and entrepreneurs, and how the existing policies and instruments in this framework can provide support in this regard. Several relevant ideas were presented and they will serve as a kick off to focus the project activities for the next five semesters, leading to the culmination in the action plan.

InnoHEIs represents an opportunity for higher education institutions, managing authorities, and final users of the infrastructures at the universities to put in common their needs, goals and challenges. They do so in order to envisage how they can collaborate to improve the policies and the tackled instrument to achieve larger and better results in Catalonia.