Today the 11th of May, all InnoHEIs partners met online to update on the regional situation, discuss the upcoming online event in Tampere, Finland, and share updates on the study visits in Silesia (Poland) and Centre Val de Loire regions (France). Partners shared the news about their regional activities implementing the InnoHEIs. All partners were present and actively contributed to the online meeting.

Online event in Tampere, Finland

Our Finnish partners Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Council of Tampere region presented the agenda for their upcoming online project meeting (27th and 28th of May 2021).The online event will include the Peer Review exercise discussing the situation Tampere region related to the innovation ecosystem and High Education institutions role in the regional development; study visit to the good practice examples for the research and innovation infrastructure. Some of the main topics are: research and innovation ecosystem building and regional S3 preparation. Furthermore, the Tampere region will be further presented and highlighted. Moreover, a visualisation of the mapping and gap analysis data will be discussed. Please find the agenda and enrol yourself for this online event here.

Upcoming study visits and project meeting

There are two upcoming study visits, one in Centre Val de Loire (France) and one in Silesia (Poland). France is planning to present three good practices about relationships within the knowledge triangle. The Silesian region in Poland will present the European Health Centre for Diagnostics which is a result of a cooperation between Higher Educational Institutions and Philips company. The next project meeting will take place in Sweden next year.

• Study visit in Silesia region (Poland) will take place on 7/10/21 (visiting the European Health Centre for Diagnostics).

• Study visit in Centre Val de Loire region will take place in February 2022 and will be held virtually.

• Project meeting (most likely physical) in Sweden will take place on 19 and 21/1/22.

Updates from the regions

All partners are working very intensively. They are planning regional stakeholder meetings, preparing for the project meetings and also start the preparation activities for the action plans.